Absent institution. We curate idleness.

Anton Kryvulia & Marika Krasine in Seoul. 2019

Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia, known collectively as Rabota, have established a distinctive artistic practice that merges their life experiences and philosophical inquiries into a unique form of art. Their work is deeply rooted in concepts of Nonknowledge, a philosophical stance that embraces uncertainty and the unknown, and it often reflects their nomadic lifestyle, encompassing various countries and cultural interactions. This journey has not only influenced their artistic expression but also their personal lives, as they continuously adapt and respond to new environments and situations.
A key aspect of their work is the integration of their personal belongings and experiences into performative installations and media objects. These objects are not just incorporated into their art but are also returned to everyday use, blurring the lines between art and life. Their practice is characterized by a dialogue-based approach, where they engage in constant conversations to develop inventive concepts and principles for work.
Their artistic narrative often revolves around themes of isolation, precariousness, and the transformation of hardship into art. This is evident in their various projects, such as the "Opera" held as an intervention at ZKM in Karlsruhe and their participation in international art venues and residencies. Their work is a testament to their belief in art as a tool for exploring and expressing the complexities of human existence and the ever-changing world.
Rabota's approach to art is not confined to traditional mediums or institutional settings. Instead, they employ digital media, performative acts, and media asceticism to maintain autonomy and independence in their artistic expression. Their work is a continuous exploration of the relationship between the individual, the collective, and the world, making them unique figures in contemporary art.

The essence of our artistic process is in the production of ourselves and through it the world around us. An artist for us is not a profession, but a particular attitude towards the world that arises as a result of artistic intention. One has to step into this becoming; it does not happen by itself; this daily and constant becoming is the essence of our practice as artists.

The Absent Institution was founded by Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia in 2014 to materialize an unproductive artistic practice into objects of experience and products of artistic exchange by collecting and archiving the current documentation of artists' daily routine — photos, videos, audio recordings, and artifacts serve as a means for the Absent Institution's work in the form of publications, exhibitions, and lectures.​​​​​​​