Bubble Opera is an attempt to apply an alternative model of time counting during one astronomical year. The project was objectified as an irrational documentation data array on the hard drive. Bubble Opera is a synthetic process, that consists of six consecutive performative events of various duration, from five minutes and forty-two seconds ((Music)) to six months (Nonknowledge Zone). The performative events were provided in the format of institutional intervention in the space of the ZKM Museum in Karlsruhe.

The integrity of the Opera is achieved with the help of a meta-object, in which the time and spatial topology structure come from the overtone proportional nature of sound using proportionality in the role of the universal transdiscursive mediator.

Bubble Opera story, video, 2018

Using the simplest proportions, we divided the year into 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, 1/7 segments and planned empty events in time (without laying any content in them) at the nodal points of proportional division. When the time has come, events were filled with random content. It was interesting for us to observe how events unfolded themselves on the basis of hollow planning: we conducted a series of actions of various duration, from five minutes and forty-two seconds to six months, such as two empty conferences at the ZKM Museum in Karlsruhe, drift around Asia Minor, the Mediterranean and Indochina. The main result of the experiment was the actualization of the idea of Nonknowledge as a general medium. Artists titled it Bubble Opera: opera as a work that is being inflated by someone or “inflates something” (inflate (надувать) in Russian has a shade of swindle). 
Аfter the project's completion, we buried all materials of the Opera and documentation in the field near Moscow. Because we were leaving Russia and just there was simply nowhere to leave them.

Archiving, video, 2018