Office of Nonknowledge, video, 2020

The work that we do in the frame of this film is not of great importance, its main meaning is the filling of time. It is a ritual to shape the movie itself, centered on the void of Nonknowledge.
Managing their artistic process M & A define two interdependent and complementary steps of work: The first step is the time for journeys, research, dialogues, and conceptual advances, that Marika and Anton can achieve living relatively autonomously. Having been in over 40 countries in Europe and Asia for four years, artists received a unique experience of interactions among people of diverse cultures and faced with survival under challenging conditions. The basis of the artistic process on the road serves the practice of dialogue. In these conversations, they are considering inventive concepts and developing the major principles of future works. 
The second step of their artistic practice is Office Work: the embodiment of ideas in cooperation with art institutions.