Tools of Disclosure, performance, HfG, Karlsruhe, DE

Artists built a hybrid installation in the hall, sarcastically reflecting what was happening in the ZKM from the point of view of who Anton and Marika were at that time — real illegals and hobos: on one side of a specially erected wall, they created an empty, abandoned conference space with an incomprehensible “educational” video, a showcase with wooden objects named “Fids” and lone tribune with a microphone.  All this was supposed to be drowned in cognitive sfumato and puzzled the passing museum visitors. 
On the other side of the wall, with a considerable portion of irony, artists arranged the typical backstage with a refrigerator, kitchen, sofa, and TV set. The meeting with the public took place directly backstage in an almost cozy home atmosphere. The event was successful. It allowed M&A to declare themselves there and get acquainted with some professors and technical workers (which is sometimes essential). Need to add that Marika and Anton lived right in this colossal building: setting up a tent on one of the distant flights of stairs at night, going to wash in a shared shower in the morning, eating at museum party subs, collecting bottles over there, and cooked on a pocket gas stove.​​​​​​​