The Ball is God, or God as a Ball?, multimedia installation​​​​​​​, 2018

The Ball is God, or God as a Ball? is a multimedia installation. We employ a basketball found in the river for media manipulations to demonstrate the cognitive seam between various appearances (vision and sound) of the object.
Between the ball that we hear, and the ball that we look at an obvious gap is revealed, the jump over is provided by the special trick that we do behind the back. The superposition of two perceptions into one object requires overcoming this abyss, which is ensured by our faith and as well by applied blindness that allows ignoring insurmountable obstacles.
We got this shabby ball out of the Anyangcheon river on Anton's birthday. Just before we talked about the fact that basketball is what we lack in Seoul for a normal life. The ball was so beautiful that we took detailed pictures of it from all sides and produced a short film about how it works as an object of phenomenological consideration.

Playing Basketball near Anyangcheon. March 2018