Sonic Fire performance, Minsk, Belarus, 2021

In the progressive institutionalization of practices of intimidation of subjective existence employing instrumentalized preposterousity, an infernal paradigm is installed, in which a cataleptic curiosity, reminiscent of "The Abduction of Proserpina", is suspended the famous Bernini, especially in her soft parts.
Artists propose to settle on the Bruegel periphery to uncover the invariant which, coming from the past, evokes the outlandish simulacrum and further, as Stefan Mallarme could say: "The outline of this garden will remind us of the old necropolis."
This press release was written for publication in Belarus during a period of monstrous reactionary terror after the failed revolution in 2020. The text was supposed to leave the secret police in bewilderment and at the same time convey the political meaning of the performance itself.