New World, performative expedition, video documentary, 05-08.2020
The borders were already closed at the beginning of March 2020, and an intense lockdown was impending. This obstacle started to threaten the common life and practice of artists; therefore, Anton and Marika decided to slip out of control. They had managed to escape into the uncontrolled territory before a complete lockdown started, to manage difficult times holding joined life and artistic work.
For more than four months artists were hiding together on an abandoned peninsula, comprehending their living as a performative practice. The essence is the laying of Zones of Nonknowledge — gaps and bypass tunnels and accepting uncertainty and precariousness as performative conditions and circumstances as material for its actual deployment.
Nonknowledge is an option. Choosing Nonknowledge means going on a journey, an adventure from which there is no return. Nonknowledge is an escape or exodus. Our escape intends speedy migration along the labyrinth. We mind it as an underground tunnel filled with moon gardens and a river through which we navigate in fast canoes during the widespread disease. Nonknowledge is a flickering speech in which words are made up of forms of silence. Nonknowledge is a homecoming. M&A