Common Body Index. 10 A4. 2015

We are just points in the chaos of oscillating things. Our contours blur and blend completely, but still, we do not become one.

Dresden. 2015. June 21. Room 4×5 m2.

Wall #1:
01.  White wallpaper decorated with strokes (black marker).
02.  Door covered with bright wood.
On the door (attached with glue tape):
03.  Picture «Villa Palma».
04.  Black and white A4 print «White Horse».
To the right of the door (on the nails):
05.  Transparent file with the different feathers: magpies, crows, pigeons, and parrots.
06.  Anton's Portrait. 50 cm. Oil painting.
07.  Brass Pendant «Sun».
To the left of the door:
08.  Shelf with food (made of glossy wire with Christmas decorations): pack of cereal, ½ pack of rice, peppermint tea bags, turmeric, corkscrew, two soup plates, grater with traces of carrot, coconut oil.

Wall #2:
01.  White wallpaper.
02.  Closed-door covered with bright wood. Handle of light metal. The label signed on the door: «ISLAM». Small pinecone sticker just below the label. 
To the right of the door:
03.  Antique blue dress with lace collar and the velvet vest with flowers hanging on the blue wire hanger.
04.  MacBook Air charger with yellow tape on it.
To the left of the door:
05.  Two pictures. One white 15×10 mm and the other «Deer» 50×22mm.

Wall #3:
To the left of the window:
01.  Two calligraphic brushes hanging on the nails. 
On the heater:
02.  Piece of the grey dress.
03.  Two books: «Modern and Contemporary Czech Art». Part 1 & 2.
04.  Piece of paper with Claude Monet illustration.
05.  MIDI Controller «AKAI MPK Mini».
On the windowsill:
06.  1kg box of dates.
07.  Old beautician.
08.  Red leather cosmetic bag for tobacco.
09.  Hammer with the inscription «ORIENT» on the handle.
10.  Pliers wire.
11.  Scrap of paper with the inscription «PUNISHMENT».
12.  Books: R.Krauss. Die Originalität der Avantgarde, Wolfgang Augustyn und Ulrich Söding. Original-Kopie-Zitat, M.Baxandall. Die Wirklichkeit der Bilder, M.Warnke. Gegenstandsbereiche der Kunstgeschichte, B.O’Doherty. Die weiße Zelle und Ihre Vorgänger.
13.  English Grammar in Use.
14.  Drawing.
15.  Printouts of the English phrases. Useful English Verbs with prepositions and nouns.
16.  Cage with the budgie.
17.  Roll of bright yellow tape.
18.  Bottle of carrot juice with wildflowers.
19.  Tuner for bass guitar.
20.  Glass calligraphic sticks.
21.  Capo for guitar.
22.  2-sided sticker «Shiva on a tiger» on the window glass.
On the right to the window:
23.  Inscription «KOSMOS» (black marker).
24.  Hanger with bathrobes, towels, jackets, and skirts.
25.  Picture «Mountains» (on the hanger).

Wall #4:
01.  White wallpaper.
02.  Two raven feathers plugged into the wall.
03.  Grey electric network box, with the ring of twisted wires.
04.  Picture book, with the foal on the front.
01.  Green Fluorescent lace and two bells.

On the wooden table standing near Wall #1:
01.  Pot of mint plant with the portrait of Martin Luther on the blue wire stick.
02.  Marble empty notebook.
03.  Professional Stapler.
04.  Pink plastic egg.
05.  Blank Cigarette Pack «Minsk».
06.  5cm screw.
07.  34 cents.
08.  UV Ultra-Violet lamp.
09.  Pack of Fluorescent Gouache.
10.  Adjustable Wrench.
11.  Opened pack of parrots food.
12.  English idiom dictionary.
13.  Tuner for Guitar.
14.  Metal clamps.
15.  Bunch of keys with the button.
16.  Pocket mirror with dinosaur sticker.
17.  Handy with the bear.
18.  Coal pack.
19.  Pink Candle.
20.  Vintage scissors.
21.  Stack of coal.
22.  Metal folder with watercolor paper.
23.  Pack of small triangular mirrors for decoupage.
24.  Newspaper's cut of the woman without the head.
25.  Newspaper's cut of the man with a beard.
26.  Stack of round blue stickers.
27.  Pack of «Chaos Sense Delight» cards.
28.  Counterfeit 500 euro bill.
29.  «Gargantua and Pantagruel», A4 print from a website.
30.  «Shiva on a Tiger», a big sticker.
31.  Bead beautician with decorations and the small motorcycle.
33.  Watercolours in the plastic box.
34.  Plasters.
35.  Heat-resistant yellow circle.
36.  Wildflowers in the mug without a handle.
37.  Silver and blue nail polish.
38.  Bells from a fishing shop.
39.  Headphones.
40.  Green pads.
41.  Pastel chalks.
42.  Inhaler «Chlorophyllipt».
Under the table:
01.  Large brown leather bag with blue winter boots.
02.  Zither.
03.  Socks with pandas.
04.  Wheeled sizeable red bag «Moscow Team», with carrot scarf, knitted hat with ears, red and green scarves, striped women’s underpants. The bag has other small bags inside.
05.  Large rice paper roll with calligraphic inscriptions.
06.  Package with clothes.
07.  Green backpack.
08.  Yoga Mat.
09.  Box from fruits with paints and brushes.
10.  Running Sneakers.
11.  Hair Oil «Amla».
12.  Pink beaded purse with rhinestones.
13.  Pink fabric.
14.  Indian bag «Ganesha» with soft pendant bunny on it filled with folders.
15.  Blue Backpack with printouts of Chinese calligraphy and a package with a questionnaire.
16.  Roll of drawing paper with the red rooster on the pack.
17.  Copper and Blue pearl acrylic spray.
18.  Wire, microphone Shure, voice processor Boss.
19.  Empty black bag «Gerry Weber».
20.  Food for parrots pack.
21.  Folder with the documents.
On the floor near Wall #2:
01.  Garbage bag.
02.  Coffee pot box.
03.  Avocado.
04.  Small bamboo knife and other cutlery.
05.  1kg of «Mevlana tea» with the dancing guy on the front.
06.  Bottle of lemonade.
07.  Electric stove with the pan.
08.  Little empty salt shaker.
09.  ½ pack of pasta.
10.  Small bottle of olive oil.
11.  1l carton box of milk.
12.  Small porcelain coffee cup.
13.  Coffee pot with a broken handle.
14.  2 kg of apples.
15.  Dirty square basket with the soup set (carrot, parsley).
16.  Small picture with flowers from honey.
17.  Terry socks used as a kitchen rag.
18.  Squirrel brushes in the pink package.
19.  Postcard «Guten Tag».
20.  Black cardboard cut.
21.  Calendar page with traces of painting.
22.  Shelf for the kitchen.
23.  Mini easel.
24.  Cables for musical instruments.
25.  2 bottles of calligraphic ink.
26.  Guitar Pedal «Delay».
27.  M-Audio Sound Card.
28.  «DUDEN» Dictionary.
On the floor near Wall #3:
01.  Calligraphy ink bottles.
02.  Date seed.
03.  Little black feather.
04.  Audio Mixer.
05.  Sand for the birdcage.
06.  Bag with wallet and notepad.
07.  Black cardboard cut.
08.  Synthesizer «Micro Korg».
09.  Large piece of grey plastic.
10.  Ikea bag with the painted copper square.
11.  Metallic office table with 2 closed boxes.
On the floor near Wall #4:
01.  Seven-string electric guitar.
02.  Two guitar cases.
03.  Zither case.
04.  Acoustic guitar with the dinosaur.
05.  Leggings.
06.  Notebook with the red pen.
07.  Black Plextor.
08.  2 Ikea mattresses with dark blue and red sheets.
09.  Small 3-steps wooden ladder.
10.  Metal chair with the seat made of wire.
On the floor beside the metal table:
01.  «Little Tommy» doll.
02.  Gouache cans.
03.  Fishing Line 0.45mm.
04.  2 notebooks.
05.  Folder with paper and tracing paper.
06.  Ceramic Smoking pipe «Tiger».
07.  White Round Stickers.
08.  Blue marker with the green cap.
09.  White metal chair with the red jacket.
On the metal table:
01.  Case for a phone with gold embroidery.
02.  Set of wooden earrings.
03.  Brush and toothpaste.
04.  1 kg of dates.
05.  Empty honey cans.
06.  «Westermann Magazines». 1971. April, Juni.
07.  2 pencil cases.
08.  Jar of honey.
09.  «DUDEN. Das Fremdwörterbuch» Dictionary.
10.  Cardboard box with 2 strawberries.
11.  Two iPhones.
12.  Wire from the iPhone 5, crocked by brown tape.
13.  Table knife with the black plastic handle.
14.  Calligraphy ink.
15.  Glue stick.
16.  Feathers for calligraphy.
17.  Handle for calligraphy.
18.  Lemonade glass cover with the glass ball inside.
19.  Serrated blade knife.
20.  Jasmine flowers in the jar.
21.  Jar with the small brush.
22.  Nail polish remover.
23.  Green Tagebuch.
24.  Watercolours.
25.  2 cups of black tea.
26.  «Column Vase Obelisk» book.
27.  Notebook «Maria».
28.  Black acrylic paint.
29.  Cutting board with the bitten wafer.
30.  Russian-German-Russian dictionary.
31.  MacBook Air. «Ister» movie on the screen.

Common Body, Index printed on a paper, envelope. 2015

We stopped enclosing ourselves in flats with a world beyond. We detect the world inside the room so often as we can talk to each other and think. No longer living in one place not because we lack one: but rather, the opposite — everywhere is the same spot, same capacity.