Marika and Anton arrived in Budapest in the spring of 2016. As usual, they had no money at all they were stealing food from the Auchan store, which was near. Having nothing to do artists began to experiment with phenomenological speculations and the perception of things, and soon came to a breakthrough that determined Aliens' further developments for years. Once in the morning Anton and Marika came across two stones on the bank of the Danube.
I am holding in my hand a piece of something: small, around 1cm in diameter, yellow with black veins. We picked it up on the beach. I’ll put it next to another similar object. There are many different qualities in each; in a particular way, they are like stones, but precisely to say that we can not. ANTON KRIVULA
M&A watched how they were interacting, and played with meaning and score. Artists found out that there are three types of stones: stones, things like stones, and things not like stones. Artists developed a topological matrix in which the stones act as variables; the empty place in the matrix is denoted by “the stone”, which can be occupied by any object. The topological matrix is ​​the simplest expanding group structure of six objects.

Six Stones, Matrix