Now, pt. 3

The performative artwork that Rabota presented at the venue of Studio ALTA has the title "Now". It has three parts, during the first one we read and projected on the wall two different parallel lists of things.

Now, pt. 1

After the first section, people from the audience were asked to write questions; all the questions we ought to answer:
Is it your home?
Yes, exactly! The Index of all our belongings (ordinary personal items and household items), compiled on June 30, 2020, during Rabota’s escape from the COVID biopolitics in the wastelands we sent as an e-mail in Unicode for the curatorial and production team to reconstruct the full set in quite free interpretation and install it in space, in the way they find it correct and according to the insight.
How many items did you read?
435 items. That is a table with the full list. 
What is the difference between projection and speech?
Spelled Index N#1 represents the things that were in use during our hideaway at uninhabited badlands in 2020. 
In Autumn 2020 that index of things served as a score for re-materialization in the form of a performative installation in Turku. Every single thing from the list was consciously substituted by another thing by the curatorial team of the NPTF festival forming the second list. That Index N#2 was projected on the wall.
Why is so boring?
The ability to be boring is one of the most important values of art, and the very ability to get a little bored is an extraordinary privilege for the spectator. Use it for something: for thinking or contemplation.
What is your aim?
We were presenting you the seam between text written and text spoken, thereby letting you confront the pure nature of the text. 
Was it a list of refugees' belongings?

Now, pt. 2

Now, pt. 3

Performers: Marika Rabota, Anton Rabota
Curators: Petr Dlouhý, Antonín Brinda
NPTF team: Leena Kela, Anni Sundbacka, Salla Karvonen, Henrikki Jokela, Lotta Valtanen, Isa Lehtinen
Tecnical support: Valtteri Alanen
Photo: Anežka Medová

NowNow, full video documentation