The Moon performative lecture was the last in a series of lectures on the Gylleboverket platform for contemporary art and film in the vicinity of the Swedish city of Simrishamn and took place in September 2022.
Six strangers gathered at the entrance of the Academy of Music in Dresden. Gradually, their places are taken by others, however, the substance of the group remains unchanged.
In the act of subjectivation, artistic practice and political action meet each other. Politics is realized as crystallization, at the basis of which we assume two elements: the place, blank space that anyone may take — on the one hand, and the subject himself, acquiring that subjectivity as a result of the performative act. In the core, we have an unoccupied structure of six places, which appear to be the room for such performativity.
Music that arose by chance from the fragments of a branch, a stone on a string and an electric organ in the hall of a large tired museum.
Medium is the electronic version of the Pythagorean monochord. It is extremely simple — a tree branch, two stones, two nails, steel string, and a contact microphone. It is made anew every time, immediately prior to the Aliens' performance. It is the perfect tool for installing sound impregnated with overtones. The Medium and the sound from it constitute a singular art object, the installation of which in space takes place using special performative practice.
All personal possession of the artists were bounded together and suspended on the six strings as a weight for the tension. The strings were the drivers for the processual performing of the sounds collected and selected by the artists, especially for the event. Six suspended objects formed the playground for performative procedure lasted 6 hours until the installation got broken.
Marika Krasina and Anton Krivulya are trying to get Boris Yeltsin to play the drums.
Tools of Disclosure is a part of Bubble Opera: a series of performative acts implemented by the Rabota on the territory of ZKM/HfG in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2017-2018 as an institutional intervention.
Sound performance, viewed from the perspective of a contemporary art spectator unexpectedly turns out to be a provider of raw musicality. We call it (Music) in brackets.
Video that we recorded in the Moscow flat, in the days when we were passionate about an investigation on Medium.
As a result of a performance expedition on the islands of Danube Marika and Anton discovered the relevance of the Universals Dispute for their own artistic practice and began the creation of their own topological system.
The artists' atelier in Budapest turned in two months into a performative space in which artists experimented with research in the field of phenomenology.
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