—We are reporting from Thessaloniki Biennale in the Gonzo style. They beg for it.
—Yes. Yesterday evening we discovered that we are nobodies who are claimed to be the artists, but we are the artists precisely because we are the nobodies who are claimed to be them.
—Tough start.
—This formula is quite suitable for journalism as well. So as we did.
—We have introduced ourselves as journalists at the Biennale in Thessaloniki. We received badges,
—Bags with a booklet about the Biennale,
—And T-Shirts with logo.
—We went with all of these to the pier, where the port ended, to the crane. We went down the stairs to the water. We found plenty of weed right on them. The grass was scattered just over the stairs.
—But we can’t include it in the report.
—This is Gonzo journalism, we will write everything as it is, open.
—All right then. We collected hemp from the brick slabs,
sitting on the pier.
—Having a joint, we dropped our feet into the water.
—We started gazing at the fish, small sharks, and
biennale stuff.
—So here on the booklet we have a biennale logo.
—Take a closer look: Logo consists of three white rectangles, one under another. The upper picture is horizontal and the biggest. Under there is a smaller and more square-like one; at the bottom — small and square.
—The Fragment of a Blue Circle is situated in each rectangle. Only a bit of the upper one — blue circle penetrates into the rectangle's white space.
—It is hanging in a zone of Nonknowledge.
—In the middle rectangle, Blue Circle occupies two-thirds of the space.
— And the last square is just black.
—Just the color of the circle, blue by fact. But you don’t see the circle; you only see the small square.
—The small square, right
—Yes, and looking at the sea and the logo on the booklet, it occurred that the picture depicts the evolution of artistic consciousness from Ancient Greece,
—To Kazimir Malevich.
—From Ancient Greece to Thessaloniki Biennale.
—Generally, it is better to observe a similar plot, on the
contrary, upside down. The movement from a square to
nonknowledge, back to the circle is more interesting as we define. Therefore, I propose to consider all Biennale artworks upside down or back to front.
—And that will be our job here.
—So have you seen how huge this mountain is?!